Miley Cyrus blooms at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with new single ‘Flowers’

Miley Cyrus' new song "Flowers," has lyrics alluding to the loss of her home in the Woolsey Fire, and her breakup with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Photo Courtesy YouTube/Columbia Records.

Singer/songwriter Miley Cyrus recently released a single “Flowers,” and her lyrics not only share her experience with losing her home in Woolsey Fire in 2019, she sings words of women empowerment, inner healing, and self-love.

The Malibu local coincidentally released the song on her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth‘s 33rd birthday, and her fans speculate it was no accident.

Cyrus shared a social media post announcing her music video release on Jan. 13, “I can love me better than you can,” the post says. 

From Jan. 13 to 19, her single ran up totals of 52.6 million streams, 33.5 million radio airplay audience impressions, and 70,000 sold in its first full tracking week, according to Billboard.

In her song she says, “Built a home and watched it burn.” She and ex-husband actor Liam Hemsworth lost their Malibu home to the Woolsey Fire in 2018. The former couple met in 2009 while filming an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ “The Last Song” and announced their engagement in 2012. Shortly after the couple’s divorce in 2020, they sold a nearby Malibu property they also owned that had not burned down. 

After several years, Cyrus returned to Malibu. She recently purchased a Mediterranean-style mansion for $7.9 million in 2022, according to Architectural Digest.

Her lyrics also describe what it’s like after a breakup: “I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to fight, started to cry but then remembered, I can buy myself flowers.” Her lyrics invoked strength, loss and empowerment. 

“I can buy myself flowers,” she wrote. “Write my name in the sand; Talk to myself for hours; Say things you don’t understand; I can take myself dancing; And I can hold my own hand; Yeah, I can love me better than you can.”

The groovy inspirational song may also sound familiar, as fans are comparing it to Bruno Mars, 2012 “When I Was Your Man,” and Gloria Gaynor, 1978 “I Will Survive.” The songs have different meanings but definitely share similar elements. 

Cyrus is behind the hit 2017 song “Malibu,” a song she says is about individual growth, happiness and independence. 

“I think as a woman I always want to change that power back also and say ‘Hey I did that,’” Cyrus said in a interview in 2017. “I made a decision to say ‘Hey this is what I want,’ and anything that I want I’m going to put my entire heart and brain into it and make it happen.”

Cyrus has been a social activist and philanthropist. In 2014, Cyrus founded The Happy Hippie Foundation, an American nonprofit organization, a program that provides homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable youth populations with consistent support services, education and employment opportunities.

Her new anthem will be on repeat this summer as it shares a message about inner-healing and self-love: “No remorse, no regret, I forgive every word you said.”

Her upcoming 13-track album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” is set to be released on March 10.