MHS Theatre Department’s ‘Noses Off’ takes audience on a hilarious romp

The Malibu High School Theatre Department came out of the gate like gangbusters this year with their hilarious performance of “Noses Off.” From the first moments of the play with the continuous music skipping, you knew something crazy was about to begin. The play opens with the frenzied director desperately trying to get the cast through one full rehearsal.

“‘Noses Off’ was a huge success and the audience loved it,” MMHS Arts and Angels President Jolynn Regan said in an email to The Malibu Times.

As the play unfolds, the audience is taken on a hilarious romp, as they try to figure out who is with who, who’s dead, how did they die and who murdered them. Rest assured, you will never get the answers you expect from “Noses Off.” 

Senior Ethan Marshall gave a standout performance as Jake, playing Reginald the butler. He held the show together with his humor, sarcasm, and murderous laugh. Along with junior Sophie Regan as frazzled director Lila, she kept the audience hoping and wondering, can she actually pull this rehearsal off and get to opening night. 

Regan was frustrated and funny all at once. The incomparable senior, Marsaille Wells, delighted the audience with her performance as props person AND costume person Millie. Other standouts included Felix de Raspide Ross as Steve, playing Miles Bradley. He brought the slime of a senator with the wit of a man in love to life on stage. And love interests Arnold and Kaylie, played by Nick Ortiz and Kylie Morra, were superbly sweet together. 

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