Mayor Bruce Silverstein accuses city of giving wealthy preferential treatment


Malibu Mayor Pooh-poohs Poosh party

Malibu Mayor Bruce Silverstein is all over the internet after a lengthy Facebook post blasting the city for giving preferential treatment to wealthy permit seekers. 

On Thursday September 21, Silverstein learned of a party planned at a vacant house in his neighborhood. The event, due to its size, needed a Special Event Permit, which on Thursday it did not have. 

By Friday, a permit was requested and granted for the Saturday event. The applicant was not a Malibu resident but an event planning company staging a promotion for a company owned by Kourtney Kardashian called “Poosh.”

The quick turnaround on the SEP without prior notice to neighbors bothers Silverstein. He wrote to the city: “it is unacceptable that the city staff, including the Planning Director, Interim City Attorney, and possibly the City Manager would together move heaven and earth to get this accomplished on no day’s advance notice for a celebrity when our residents are required to wait days, weeks and even months for such attention respecting matters of much greater concern than a celebrity party.”

The SEP imposed various conditions including same day set-up and take-down that Silverstein indicates were apparently violated without consequence.  He intends to take up the matter at the next city council meeting.

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