Malibu’s Haylee Joe set to drop hot new music this summer

Singer/Songwriter Haylee Joe Sets the Stage on Fire with fresh new music. Contributed photo 

Young singer about to perform at Miss California USA pageant and OC Fair

Malibu singer/songwriter Haylee Joe is kicking off summer 2023 with two important concert dates as well as new music about to be dropped. The lifelong Malibu resident is set to perform Sunday, June 18, at the Miss California USA pageant in Garden Grove. The singing artist will then gear up for another high-profile performance at the Orange County Fair in July. 

At only 25, Haylee Joe has already racked up performances at major Southland venues. For the past two summers, she was a featured artist at the huge Americafest July 4 celebrations at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. She was set to perform with her band and backup dancers again this summer until the Independence Day event was scrapped for a soccer match. 

So, this Sunday, Father’s Day, Joe will take to the stage at the Miss California USA pageant, where her performance will not only be viewed by thousands in attendance but can be live-streamed as well. She’ll be debuting some of her new music at the statewide pageant.

“I’ve been working on a new sound for the past two years,” the pop artist said. “I have new music, and I’m planning to release it this summer.” Joe called her new recordings “a new, fresh sound. It’ll be a package of something new for everyone to listen to.” Joe described her latest music about to be released as more pop than some of her earlier material like the moodier “Norman Bates.” That dance number was a bit darker, albeit in a campy way, an upbeat revisiting of the “Psycho” killer character. “It was so different,” Joe commented on her single “Norman Bates,” but “people really liked it. It did really well.” 

She’s also referred to her sound as “dark pop” because of the many minor chords she uses in crafting her melodies. “It may have a darker vibe, but nothing goth,” the artist clarified. In fact, she added, “All the new songs make you want to dance. This new group of songs I’m releasing are very fun and catchy, and they’re feel good. They’re dark, but you want to have a good time, and they all make you want to dance, which is what I went in the studio wanting to do. I wanted to make something fun, something that was more up-tempo than my previous songs. I would blast it on the radio if I was driving with my friends down PCH. They sound like a good time with catchy hooks, and I’m really proud of them.”

Every song Joe releases has a visual component to go along. She’s a content creator on Instagram, Vevo, and TikTok with a growing following. “The visuals will all be brought to stage, which is fun.” Joe and her backup performers dance to all her songs. “I grew up dancing, so it’s a nice full circle; singing, songwriting, and dancing all at once,” she said. 

On July 21, Joe takes the main stage at the Orange County Fair. “It’s an exciting opportunity to play their main stage. I’ll have a whole band and a group of dancers.” 

She’s set to play a 45-minute set that will feature new music as well as songs released on her 2020 debut EPs. 

“It’s an opportunity to give everyone a well-rounded idea of who I am as an artist. It’ll be a wide range of flavors and times in my life. I’m excited.” Joe has two EPs and a few singles released featuring songs she wrote herself. The artist has as many as seven new recordings about to be dropped this summer. “A lot of new music is coming.” That’s exciting news for her 200,000-plus followers on Instagram and social media. “It’s a good place for people to get to know me better and see my personality. It’s a good place to connect.” Joe is a content creator who delves into makeup, fashion, and pop culture on her platforms.

The music of Haylee Joe is available on all streaming platforms. You can find her @HayleeJoe on TikTok, Vevo, and Instagram.