Malibu Bluffs Park Snack Shack replacement on the way

Malibu Bluffs Park sign. Photo by Samantha Bravo.

Grilled food such as burgers and hot dogs will soon be served at Malibu Bluffs Park on April 22, just in time for the remainder of the Little League season.

During the Malibu City Council meeting on Monday, Interim Deputy City Manager Rob Houston provided an update on the Snack Shack at Malibu Bluffs park and said they have been working with the Malibu Little League for options to implement a temporary food facility by April 22.

“There can be a grill, there can be food produced, and we think we can get a structure like that permitted,” Houston said. “We do believe that would all be permitted within the rules that LA County Health permits and would provide a safe option with a three compartment sink, electric grill,—all the different layers to have operational foods done in a good way and done quickly so we can take advantage of the rest of the season.”

Houston said the facility would be similar to a community street fair or an event that has a food tent.

Houston said the Community Service Department and Parks and Recreation Commissioners, Alicia Peak and Dan Skophammer, have been working with the building department to re-floor the existing Snack Shack structure to use as storage.

“Thank you for your effort to putting into this and making it happen and thank you also Marianne [Riggins] and everybody else who worked on it,” Councilmember Paul Grisanti said. “The community wants it, I’m glad we’re going to be able to give it to them.”

The Malibu City Council last month voted to pursue a plan to buy a food-service trailer for immediate, temporary use at the park, demolish the existing Snack Shack and draw up plans for a permanent replacement.

Riggins thanked the city staff who has worked on the temporary Snack Shack.

“I think the tent has come up with a good solution, it’s something we can get permitted through the county, so I think what they all come up with is a good solution, and I think it’s something we can at least start serving hot dogs and hamburgers and other cooked food out there for the remainder of the season,” Riggins said.

The shack was operated by parents of the Little League and served hot foods such as hot dogs, pretzels, and burgers. Due to the park being zoned as public open space, zoning restrictions prohibit refreshment stands and other fixed-location outdoor food vending stands. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the 2020 Little League season, the shack went without maintenance and fell into disrepair. Since the return of Malibu Little League and Malibu AYSO to Malibu Bluffs Park, food is now served by food trucks parked on Winter Mesa Drive within the park.