Little known El Sol Beach could be opened to the public

Photo Courtesy California Beaches.

Another legal battle could be brewing against the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority over public beach access. The MRCA has plans to open access to a little-known beach called El Sol, west of Broad Beach. Access to the little cove would be via a to- be-built staircase on land owned by real estate developer Richard Weintraub, who has been trying to build a mansion at the site. Weintraub’s company has apparently offered the MRCA the accessway with the aim of eventually developing the site. 

The proposal for a future home there has previously been opposed by the Malibu Planning Commission. MRCA typically erects beach access signs, garbage cans, and in this case a possible portable toilet and hand washing station, plus an automatic locking gate for daytime use only. However, there is no parking lot which can be problematic and dangerous for visitors parking across busy Pacific Coast Highway with no traffic signals nearby. MRCA rangers usually patrol beach sites on a drive-by basis only. As of press time the MRCA did not return a phone call seeking comment on the El Sol accessway and if a California Environmental Quality Act report has been made on the impact to public safety, marine life or land use.