Letter to the Editor: We must unite! 

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

The breathtaking allure of Malibu is a treasure we all hold dear, yet recent devastating events have left our community shattered. While we grieve and lament, we must unite in our resolve to take action and enhance safety measures for everyone in our cherished town.

I am convinced that now is the moment to investigate creative and pragmatic solutions — deploying speed cameras, advocating for bills in the State Legislature to involve Malibu in the trial program, and taking additional measures to guarantee our people’s safety. 

My campaign began a decade ago, but the Taskforce established at that time has barely made progress. Their studies have not been put into practice, and fatalities continue to occur.

Four sets of parents have had their lives profoundly altered or ruined due to these preventable tragedies. It is on behalf of them and myself that I call for change. We, not the government, must drive this transformation. Your vote can make a difference, particularly with an election year approaching. It’s time to raise our voices and effect change for all those who now gaze upon empty chairs once filled with joy and laughter.

One method to foster lasting change is through educational endeavors like the “21 Miles in Malibu” campaign we are striving to establish. These initiatives can raise awareness, inspire productive conversations, and ultimately produce tangible results. 

Please visit 21milesinmalibu.com and sign up so that we can raise consciousness and find our collective voice; together, we can accomplish the changes we require.

Let us join forces, merging our passion and dedication, to prevent further anguish and preserve the place that occupies such a special spot in our hearts. Will you stand by me? Let’s make an impact!

Let’s ensure no mother or father endures another night of sorrow due to something so easily preventable.

Michel Shane, Malibu