Letter to the Editor: Urgent Need for Patrol/Monitor on Winding Way Road and PCH

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I should have taken a photo of Winding Way Road when I left the house a few minutes ago [on Sunday, March 26]. There are thousands of people here, I’m sure. Never in the 30 years that we’ve lived here have I seen so many cars parked past Paradise Cove with people walking up and down and crossing PCH [Pacific Coast Highway].

I spoke with a sheriff who said they are overwhelmed – he’s never seen crowds like this. Plus no rangers in sight anywhere! We love seeing young families on the trail and all the kids off their devices, but someone needs to monitor the situation! Parking costs $12 at the bottom of PCH and Winding Way — so why aren’t rangers or forestry students being hired with those funds to help?

Last weekend, there were two very scary emergencies requiring search and rescue. We need the MRCA to help patrol/monitor before more people are seriously injured.

Lori Gray, Malibu