Letter to the editor: ‘Snarling City Council’

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

Snarling City Council? KBUU reported this morning [Monday, March 7] that the “snarling city council” was contemplating hiring a “facilitator.” This is item 7B on the March 14, agenda. The item was introduced by, of all things, one of the “snarlers,” councilmember Pierson. The agenda is here: malibucity.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/1857?html=true 

The “snarling” took place December 13, 2021, when council members Grisanti, Pierson, and Farrer viciously attacked council member Silverstein for, among other things, engaging in gender-based harassment of failed and now-departed City Manager Feldman. You may view these unfounded attacks and the lies behind them emanating from those snarlers here, starting at 2:20:45 of the video display on the screen: malibucity.primegov.com/Portal/Meeting?compiledMeetingDocumentFileId=2225 

The allegations were found to be untrue, and the “snarlers” had the report finding them to be untrue. Note that among the first words from Council Member Pierson are: “I’m not going to lie to you.” He follows that up with a series of lies about Council Member Silverstein. Grisanti, who started his real estate career in Malibu with a transaction that caused his license to be suspended due to fraud/dishonest dealing, follows up Pierson’s lies with remarks on “character” as if he possessed any. Farrer followed up with her own slanderous remarks. The snarlers, Pierson, Farrer, Grisanti, followed up with further abuse of, not Mr. Silverstein, but the voters who installed him in office by, for the second time, denying those voters their mayor. The meeting of February 14, was an encore of calumny. See: malibucity.primegov.com/Portal/Meeting?compiledMeetingDocumentFileId=2394 and watch the video, starting at about 3:00:00 with some abuse from Farrer. 

There are public comments on both sides before that mark followed by abuse, followed eventually by the “election” in which Farrer, Pierson, and Grisanti are all repeatedly furnished the opportunity to do the right thing, that is, honor the citizens by making Bruce Silverstein, mayor. Instead, we watch the spineless Pierson, the Karen Karen, and the disgraceful Grisanti abuse not Bruce, but us. 

Now, councilmember Pierson, who, along with his co-conspirators Grisanti and Farrer, should simply put their heads on their desks like any good kindergarten teacher would have ordered, introduced the prospect of making us pay for a “facilitator.” 

You cannot make this stuff up. This is the same clueless council member who furnished Mitch McConnell with the opportunity to lambaste us because we had insufficient Tesla chargers. Mikke, get a clue. People of character who represent citizens don’t need to waste taxpayer money on “facilitators.” If you, Grisanti, and Farrer need therapy, get it on your own dimes, not ours. Buy pacifiers for yourselves. This kind of stuff makes our town a laughingstock. Withdraw this item from the agenda and save all of us from your insipidity.

Bill Sampson, Malibu