Letter to the Editor: Response to last week’s Left vs. Right

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

Social media can reward Influencers with high six-figure incomes because they change people’s minds – about what to buy, where to shop, where to go, and what to watch. Especially young people are vulnerable. They feel pressure to conform to what such social influencers are pushing. Add to this the voices pushing the trans agenda in the mainstream, from Joy Behar to President Biden, and the impact on vulnerable kids has become huge. I don’t believe that either Don or Lance in last week’s Left vs. Right realize how dangerous this movement has become. 

At a time when children are most vulnerable, they are being told it is because they were born in the wrong body. 

Not wanting to be unprogressive, some parents somehow have been duped into going along and even promoting this travesty. Imagine a ten-year-old being told by parents, teachers, and doctors that they’d be happy if only they were the opposite sex and then hearing the same thing on Tiktok. Few kids can withstand such pressure. 

As boys and girls go through puberty, they already face significant pressure. Their bodies are changing, and the sudden awakening of hormones is a time of emotional stress. The influence from social media and the woke left suggesting all this is the result of being born the wrong sex is an evil lie. It is leading to increased suicide rates in young people as they realize their bodies are permanently wrecked. It must be fought. 

Those pushing such major surgery, who often benefit financially, need to explain that sex change operations seldom solve deep-seated emotional problems. It is ludicrous to think that a child who has not yet had sex knows enough to make such radical decisions. What an adult does is their own business, and should they wish to alter their body, they should pay for their choices. When one talks to adults after a sex change operation or considering such a course, you find individuals who are deeply disturbed. Often they view surgery as a last hope—they need our prayers rather than condemnation.

It is disingenuous to think one can trust a child to decide to take life-altering drugs or undergo irreversible surgery. We do not allow minors to make much less permanent and profound decisions because their brains are still immature. And we don’t allow parents to permit their 14-year-old daughters to marry. Why would we allow parents to permit their children to permanently mutilate their bodies? But many advocates don’t care that puberty blockers and surgery will damage kids—seeking affirmation of their own choices through influencing others.

This is a time when traditional rights and thinking should be valued. Children need to be protected. Parents and school officials need to stand against such advocacy and against those saying that your children belong to the government. Or is this what the bible speaks of when it says in the last days, good will be considered evil and evil considered good?

Malibu Resident 

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