Letter to The Editor: Please Urgent Time Sensitive

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

The following is a letter to City Manager Steve McClary,

I am writing to you regarding a matter of urgent concern that I raised during the City Council meeting held on Nov. 27. Please consider the following points:

On Nov. 29 at 1:04 pm, I sent an email concerning the LA County Department of Health not issuing permits to our vendors. As of today, Nov. 30 at 12 p.m., there has been no response. During the City Council meeting, I highlighted the ongoing issue of non-responsiveness. This lack of communication is not only concerning but also hinders the progress on matters crucial to our community. Contrary to the commitment you expressed during the City Council meeting about responding to letters in a timely fashion. The email I sent you is of urgent and time-sensitive matters as stated in the subject line. This email was additionally sent to Steve Uhring and copied to Deputy City Manager Alexis Brown to make sure you promptly received and reviewed the email. What or who prevents you from responding to us?

Today we received confirmation from the LA County Department of Health, that the City of Malibu did in fact inform them that the farmers market could no longer operate its market. Contrary to statements at the hearing and by email that it did not do this. Our vendors are now being punished and having their licenses withheld due to this action (see attached). Please explain why this action has been denied and why it was taken.

I look forward to your prompt response and a detailed plan of action. Please consider the urgency of this matter and the impact it has on our community. We trust that will address this matter and our vendors can go to the board of health today.

Deb Bianco, The Cornucopia Foundation, Malibu