Letter to The Editor: PCH Safety 

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I wish to commend you for the significant amount of ink you allocated toward Michel Shane’s letter regarding multiple deadly incidents on Pacific Coast Highway, as well as holding Caltrans, and other agencies accountable. Michel and his beloved wife Ellen know first-hand the horrible tragedy that can change a family in the blink of an eye. The outcome of their personal experience has produced a resolve to affect change on the highway that winds through Malibu. They have worked for years, and suggested countless remedies, and very rational changes that could be extremely effective, if only they were implemented.

The traffic calming measures Michel suggests are excellent, and the use of roundabouts are effective in many parts of the world, as well as chicanes. I would like to add to the list of measures that will have an impact, which will give us a crucial role in determining the road’s safety standard. Certainly there is much technology that can work for us and help us all navigate anywhere we chose to go. The sensors on newer model cars are excellent, as well as heads-up display options, but I think a most under rated device is our vehicle cruise control. I have really noticed how much more relaxed I am when I get on PCH, I simply “see” the posted speed limit, and I “set” my cruise control. This habit has become a welcome part of any journey.  We have speed bumps on many streets because “we drivers” can’t obey the speed limit. We also have motorcycle cops to help control speeders. This is all due to the fact we have very little discipline. It all boils down to us!

We need to take our roads back by setting the example, regaining control, and taking responsibility for our driving behavior. Let try it and see what happens?

One more item: If you speed in Malibu, the Sheriff’s Department will impound your car, one day for every mile an hour over the speed limit, when you get busted. Be safe out there, everyone. Please, “SEE IT” and “SET IT.”

Dermot Stoker