Letter to The Editor: Our Beautiful Malibu Farmers Market

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Here is my letter to the Malibu City Council Members.

My name is Sue-Carol, and I am a long-time resident of the Malibu Bay Club. Despite the traffic, I make the drive into Malibu every Sunday just to attend the beautiful farmers market. I am well-known in the community and am friends with many local realtors.

My passion is cooking and entertaining guests at my home. I often rave about the market on Facebook and Nextdoor, sharing my love for the freshest produce and the friendly conversations with farmers and neighbors about new recipes.

I have seen the farmers market grow and change over the years, and I am grateful for the city council’s efforts in supporting it. The market has been through a lot in the past years, and I believe that the current location at Legacy Park has truly taken it to the next level.

I respectfully request that the city council continue to support the Malibu Farmers Market at Legacy Park. This market brings so much to our community, and it would be a shame to see it taken away.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sue-Carol Desfor, Malibu