Letter to the Editor: Kraig Hill

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor, 

On May 11, the Times published a piece about my public disclosure of “ex parte” communication, a requirement of all planning commissioners. The particular disclosure concerned a “quid pro quo” proffered to me by a Mr. Rudzki (who I don’t know personally). He was acting as an agent for his friend, a development applicant. Your writer, Ms. Tallal, did tell me that he would deny my report; however, she did not give me even a hint that your paper would provide him several column inches in which to make a series of false, defamatory accusations against me. Nor did she ask me for any clarification of any of it. You folks can do better.

For the record, I stand by the contents of my required disclosure. I took an oath to perform my duties “well and faithfully,” and I strive to do that. I thank the many who have expressed their faith in my integrity, and hope that others who might be interested will come to understand the situation accurately.

Kraig Hill

Planning Commissioner

Malibu resident for nearly 50 years