Letter to the Editor: In response to MRCA article

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

“MRCA said that the signs were only up for 18 days before the city removed them”

Dear Editor, 

A blatant lie, given that I am a neighbor and can confirm the city’s statement that the signs were planted here many, many months ago.

If you care to do the research, I’m happy to show you photos with a time stamp to prove so. And then please write the actual facts, and call out MRCA for being a bunch of liars to the public. Would you? Thank you!

Instead, you provide them with a platform to suggest that they, or the grand public, are victims of the evil City of Malibu. Pretty disgusting, coming from an organization that doesn’t even take the time to get the right permitting and then cries wolf. If anyone wants to do any work on their home or in the street, especially in the coastal zone, they need to get the right permitting. Why would MRCA be any different?

I agree that the beach is for “everyone,” but if MRCA or your newspaper, want to sow further division and make “the rich people” out to be the boogeymen, then also write an honest story about how “everyone” leaves the beach at the end of the day. How much they respect nature and the wild beauty of this place. Live here for a few months, and I promise that you will start to believe that human beings just don’t deserve nice things. Cigarettes, used condoms, alcohol, broken glass bottles, trash, trash, trash. On the beach, on the street, on your property. Peeing in everyone’s front yard and becoming aggressive when you call them out on it… while there are restrooms close enough at Trancas market or Zuma beach if they would just have the decency to plan their trip. Or talk about “everyone” racing down Broad Beach Rd at 50mph with souped-up cars that sound like broken vacuum cleaners… while families try to safely walk their kids or dogs with no sidewalk present – and get honked at, or flipped a middle finger, because we’re on “their” street.

Write the whole story, please. 

Tom Van Daele, Malibu