Letter to the Editor: In Response to Jo Drummond

Dear Editor,

Really Jo! Reparations? Will my white ancestors receive reparations for losing limbs and/or who lost their lives fighting in the Civil War to free black slaves?

To once again resurrect the idea of paying off a current generation of black people for the sins committed by white people — and others — decades ago makes no sense at all. It is all ridiculous. Woke Supremacy gone amok. If there are to be reparations, you have to go after and tax the African slave lords who captured other Africans and sold them to the Muslim slave traders.

Both Left and Right views left out the fact that Americans elected an African American President and yet went on to elect a lifelong systemic Racist President, Jim Crow Joe Biden, who fought hard for racial Segregation Legislation alongside KKK Grand Cyclops Senator Byrd along with our Systemic Racist VP Kamala Harris who bragged about her record as DA of incarcerating the most African Americans for low-level drug charges.

Yes, her ancestors used African slaves on her family’s plantation in Jamaica. Both views left out that America, though racist, is the least racist country in the world, and I have been to over 40 countries, so I can attest.

Steve Woods, Malibu

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