Letter to the Editor: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

Dear Editor,

I was one of those who called, wrote, tweeted, and posted about the Willow Project, the controversial drilling plan still being pushed by ConocoPhillips. While pleased to know that Biden is blocking and limiting other Alaska drilling, I am discouraged to learn that the Willow Project is still on the table.

In our current political climate, perhaps much of the urgent action needed simply will not happen at the federal level. But here in California, we can still accomplish a lot to prevent climate catastrophe.
Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act created the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

It is my hope that our state government and California “green banks” will do everything needed to apply for and secure grant funding for California. California is now eligible for these grants; if we receive grant funding, they could be game-changing by providing technical and financial support for much-needed clean energy projects throughout our state. As we build the needed infrastructure for decarbonization, I want to make sure that issues of environmental justice and equity are considered and addressed.

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund grants focus specifically on those issues, and the projects they fund will directly benefit disadvantaged communities. It makes me more hopeful, knowing that if we act now, our tax dollars can return to California through projects that move us towards meeting climate goals and providing clean energy for all Californians.

Marilyn Green, Malibu