Letter to The Editor: Election endorsements

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Election endorsements 

To the editor, 

I want to share with you whom I am voting for and why:

COUNTY SUPERVISOR—I strongly support Bob Hertzberg. He has been unequivocal in his desire to prohibit overnight camping during drought conditions. Although qualified, his opponent supports “supervised overnight camping,” which, in my opinion, represents an existential threat to our community.

COUNTY SHERIFF—I support Robert Luna, who is level-headed and experienced. The incumbent is autocratic and puts personal loyalty above everything else.


Doug Stewart—I am supporting Doug because he correctly understands that public safety is the number one issue. He has made it clear that he will work to prevent future fires and that if and when they do occur, that the Fire Department will not stand down and that the Sheriff’s Department must have an intelligent evacuation plan prepared. He also believes that we need to significantly increase our police presence to fight crime. Doug’s experience as a successful businessman and on the Public Safety Commission makes him well qualified to serve on our City Council.

When I asked the four men running for Council whether any of them would support one of the two women running (Jimy Tallal was still in the race at the time), only Doug answered in the affirmative. He has announced his support for Marianne Riggins. If Marianne does not get elected, it will be the first time in our City’s history that we do not have a single woman on our Council.

And finally, Doug is a gentleman who has run his campaign with dignity and has refused to engage in the personal attacks which have become the norm on Nextdoor. He believes that compromise is not a dirty word and understands that if we are ever to reduce short-term rentals, we need to work with the County Board of Supervisors and the Coastal Commission, not to attack them.

Marianne Riggins—Marianne has lived in Malibu her entire life and loves our City. She is a no-nonsense person who speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in. Marianne has worked in our Building and Safety Department for many years without blemish, and thousands of us who have interfaced with Marianne have come to respect her. She knows the workings of City Hall, and Marianne would be a fine member of our City Council.

Bill Sampson—Bill has also lived here for much of his adult life and clearly loves Malibu. He has served the City in various capacities, but I do not believe our City Council needs another combative, litigious attorney to represent us. I am also concerned with his supporters, who constantly claim that any person who does not share their view must automatically be pro-development. Unfortunately, Bill has not shown an ability to forge consensus and tends to be unnecessarily confrontational.

Hap Henry—I don’t know enough about Hap to form an educated opinion. He seems like a very decent human being. Since I was elected at 28 to be mayor, I don’t think his youth should in any way be held against him.

Ryan Embree—He is the one candidate whose candidacy I strongly oppose. An expose on the front page of The Malibu Times pointed out that he has been found guilty of repeated election law violations and fined $18,000. He refers to this as a personal matter and has made clear that he has no intention of paying the fine. For the past two years, we have heard the word “corruption” loosely thrown around by the very same people who are now supporting Embree’s candidacy. This strikes me as hypocrisy.

Burt Ross, Malibu