Letter to the Editor: Concerns regarding alleged Brown Act violations by Malibu City Councilmembers

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my concerns about the recent actions of Malibu City Councilmember Bruce Silverstein, who has reportedly reported his fellow City Councilmembers for alleged violations of the Brown Act. The Brown Act is a crucial California law designed to ensure transparency in government by mandating that deliberations by legislative bodies be conducted in public.
According to recent reports, Councilmember Silverstein has sent a letter to the Public Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, detailing an alleged violation involving a majority of councilmembers meeting in private to discuss a threatened lawsuit by luxury property developer Scott Gillen. The lawsuit is related to a permanent Malibu skatepark, a project that has been in the works for more than a decade.
While I understand the importance of upholding the principles of the Brown Act to maintain transparency and public trust, it is disheartening to see internal conflicts within the City Council escalate to the point of legal action. The citizens of Malibu rely on their elected representatives to work collaboratively and ethically on matters that impact the community.
It is crucial for the City Council to address any concerns related to the alleged Brown Act violations promptly and transparently. A thorough investigation into these allegations will help ensure accountability and demonstrate the commitment of the City Council to abide by the laws that govern their actions.
I urge the City Council to prioritize open communication, accountability, and the best interests of the Malibu community. It is my hope that this incident will serve as an opportunity for reflection and improvement, fostering a more collaborative and transparent decision-making process in the future.

Donna Windsor, Malibu