Letter to The Editor: 30th Anniversary of Old Topanga Fire

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you, The Malibu Times, for the many years of factual reporting pertaining to wildland fire safety issues, inclusive of the work we were involved in at the time.

The Home page of our website, firesafetyus.com, provides comprehensive documentation of the Nov. 2, 1993, Old Topanga Fire in Malibu, whose 30th anniversary will be next Thursday. The document titled The Homeowner, the Forgotten Fire Fighter takes you behind the fire lines through homeowner testimony on how they, alone or in conjunction with firefighters, battled the blaze on this fateful day 30 years ago.

Saving Your Home in a Wildfire further documents how homes can be saved through preplanning and teamwork.

P.S. At 81, I am retired but assist pro bono where I can. The web site firesafetyus.com was created for this purpose.

Klaus Radtke, (Malibu now Honolulu, Hawaii)