Let Your Light Shine: Priya Sharma Asencio displays her works 

Artist Priya Asencio is shown in front of her artwork at Malibu Village Books Sip and Shop event. Contributed Photos

Malibu Village Books launches artist in residence series as Third Space Malibu hosts Sip & Shop

By Barbara Burke

Special to the Malibu Times

Priya Sharma Asencio greeted attendees warmly as she shared her creative works at Malibu Village Books’ first art exhibition gala on March 26. The bright colors of her acrylic paintings and mixed media works added warmth to the space, embracing and gracing the store’s expansive collection of books for all ages and interests, including works by local authors, that are available at Malibu’s only bookstore, a space whose motto is “Where the page and ocean meet.”

“We are launching an artist-in-residence program,” bookstore proprietor Michelle Pierce said. “This exhibition will be on show until mid-July.”

Attendees mingled as they surveyed Asencio’s colorful works displaying positivity and intriguing perspectives. As she surveyed the upbeat gathering, Pierce smiled broadly as she saw her dream of the bookstore being a place to discuss, share and learn come to fruition.

“I love Priya’s art!” Pierce said. “An intuitive painter, she creates works from emotion, music, spirituality, and nature.  Its vibrancy and her use of color, the feelings they emote, bring life to our walls.”

Asencio discussed her creative process, noting that she often paints while listening to an eclectic array of musical artists — from Taylor Swift to Kanye West. 

“Painting in the abstract is easy,” She said, noting that her work flows quite effortlessly. “I’m never quite sure what I’ll create.” 

Next door, Third Space Malibu hosted a vendor meetup and Sip & Shop event, showcasing the talented artists and makers of Malibu whose works are on show there as attendees sipped on champagne. 

“The 1st Space is home, the 2nd Space is work or school, and the 3rd Space is a place to care, connect, and create,” A large sign at the venue says, welcoming visitors to enjoy the capsule collections of Malibu-based designers, Stapelstein, the popular modular play concept, and interesting works by local designer DAYTONER (Daniel Hahn) who creates character designs for companies such as EPIC Games. His complete compilation of his concept art, “Enslaving Humanity in Style,” garnered a lot of attention. 

“A big thank you to Malibu Bookstore for partnering with us for this event!” #ThirdSpace posted on social media on the evening of the events.  

As The Malibu Times prepared to leave, Pierce called out, “Don’t forget that Independent Bookstore Day is April 27! Come see everything that’s on show at the bookstore!” 

As the two gatherings winded down and attendees warmly greeted friends old and new, it was clear that the two local creative venues do indeed care, connect, and create as they collectively strive to serve Malibu and its creatives and to also provide gathering places for showing and celebrating the works of local artists.