Former Malibu Creek State Park worker wins big judgment 

Malibu Creek State Park. Photo by Samantha Bravo.

A former worker at Malibu Creek State Park has been awarded nearly $2.3 million in a discrimination lawsuit. Angel Alba worked 12 years at various state parks in Malibu and was even provided housing before his lawsuit was filed in 2018. Alba claimed his former boss, Lynette Brody, who retired in 2016, discriminated against him due to his Mexican heritage. Alba claimed his boss made disparaging remarks about him and said there was retaliation after he filed a complaint alleging racial discrimination in 2007. Alba was seeking $4 million. After four days of deliberations, the jury in the case still awarded Alba a large sum for emotional distress and loss of income.

Brody called the complaints against her “exaggerated,” adding “It’s so after-the-fact; I’ve been retired for almost eight years.” It’s not known yet whether California State Parks will appeal the verdict. The agency said it will review the court’s decision.