Film Society seeks public support for return to Malibu


Malibu Film Society is asking members of the public to sign an online petition stating their support for a plan to bring MFS back to Malibu. This comes in response to a proposal made by Mayor Bruce Silverstein and former mayor Paul Grisanti, who’ve joined forces to bring their plan to City Council as early as their next meeting.

“When we started MFS 14 years ago, we intentionally made ‘Malibu’ the first name of our organization,” said the group’s Executive Director Scott Tallal. “The reason is simple: as much as we love movies, our real goal has always been to strengthen our sense of community by bringing everyone together with a regular series of entertaining, informative, and even educational events.”

While MFS will continue to show films in both Agoura Hills and Pacific Palisades, the proposal will also let it hold events at Malibu Pacific Church. Those wishing to support this proposal can find a link to the petition at, or they can go directly to the petition page at The deadline for signatures is midday on Monday, May 8.

An update from The Malibu Film Society on Thursday May 4.

If you’ve not already done so, please sign the petition to bring our Film Society back to Malibu. You don’t have to be a resident to sign; all we need is confirmation of your support for us to bring movie screenings, filmmaker interviews, and other special events to Malibu Pacific Church.

Time is of the essence as we’re now officially on the agenda for Monday night’s 6:30 meeting of the Malibu City Council.  If you’d then like to show your support at that meeting, you can do so online by clicking here — or you can attend in person by coming out to City Hall.

Regardless of whether you plan to attend, please confirm your support by signing our petition at  AS A REMINDER:  you can only sign for yourself; other members of your home (if any) need to sign separately.  We also strongly encourage *everyone* to send this link to family & friends, and to post it on social media.