Dogs of Summer contestants announced


And the winners are…

The Malibu Times Editorial Board is happy to announce this year’s Dog of Summer contestants and winners!

Dog of Summer Winner: Mochi, submitted by Pamela Bouganim

Runner Up: Bullet, submitted by Salameh R. Dibaei

Honorable Mention: Luna, submitted by Laura Ryback

Most Creative Editorial: Chloé, submitted by Coco des Rosiers

Most Unique Staging: Pom Pom, submitted by James 

First-place winner wins a $50 gift card, runner-up receives a $30 gift card, and all three additional winners receive a $20 gift card. If you are the winner contact our office at (310)456.5507 to schedule to pick up your prize!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you all for participating in our annual Dog of Summer contest and sharing your special pups. 


Mochi 3: Mochi, our Shiba Inu was unfortunately abused from his first owners as a puppy, the runt of the litter! We purchased him in Las Vegas, now as the second owners and have raised him in Malibu for seven years! He has survived trauma and the Malibu 2018 fire and Leptos virus. Mochi is a survivor, hero, and a miracle loving best dog of summer! Submitted by Pamela Bouganim.

3 Mochi

Runner up

Bullet 5: Best dog of Summer, Bullet. Submitted by Salameh R. Dibaei.


Honorable Mention

Luna 7: This is Luna’s submission for the “Cutest Dogs of Summer” in Malibu 🙂 Third favorite (Luna and I live at 22766 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu — so we are local girls!). Luna loves the summer! Everything from watching the waves and sunsets on the beach, visiting her friends and family on Malibu Road, going to Malibu Farm for a bite to eat, and finding sticks and balls on the beach to play with. Luna is a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, the sweetest, most well-behaved girl who makes a new friend (human or dog) on every single walk and outing we go on. Thank you for considering her for the photo contest. I have included many pictures of her. Feel free to choose your favorite. Submitted by Laura Ryback.

7 Luna

Most Creative Editorial 

Chloe 12, 13 and 14 I’m Chloé! I hear you’re looking for a photo of me ! Probably because I LOVE to enjoy life … Especially here in Malibu, chillin’ with my human buddies Coco and Liam, as well as some of my besties. We like to laugh… a lot! Coco and Liam call it happy energy. Anyway. This is my buddy Benji thinkin’ he should be in the photo with me. (He’s pretty proud of himself, here, can ya tell?!) And then there’s Bella. She’s cute, too. She’s wondering if summer is really over … it gives her hot spots, so she really wants to be certain. (If you know, please let us know, cuz right now, she’s not believing what Coco and Liam are reading from that device they use to take these photos of us.) Okay, now. I need to squeeze in my nap time. I know, I look young, but I’m 15 human years, and pretty soon, Coco and Liam will be taking us out for a walk. Chloé and friends Submitted by Coco des Rosiers.

Most Unique Staging 

Pom Pom 6: Pom Pom loves having tea parties during summer vacation. Pom pom loves Malibu in the summer! From the beach to her pool, she’s always having fun! Submitted by

6 PomPom

Benny 1: If you encounter Benny (as in B-B-B-Benny and the Jets) Hold on to your hat!!! Benny is a doggedly enthusiastic 1-year-old Champagne Boston Terrier who loves playing in the sand. He does his part to protect the beach by retrieving plastic bottles and digging trenches to fight beach erosion. Submitted by Brad Smith.

1 Benny

Ramone 2: Ramone the German Shepherd likes Malibu. Submitted by Brad Folb.

2 Ramone

Oscar Bono 4: Introducing Oscar Bono for Best Dog of Summer! Seven-year-old Oscar has been a Malibu local since he was rescued in 2015. Aside from being the best dog ever! He is a beach-loving, outdoor enthusiast! Oscar enjoys visiting Malibu beaches and parks, swimming, running, rolling, and walking anywhere and everywhere he can in his city. He frequents Malibu hotspots including Legacy Park (pictured) and Cross Creek. His all-time favorite thing to do is spending time with his family. Submitted by Gretchen Muro.

4 Oscar Bono

Aldo 8: Hi my name is Aldo. I am a border Terrier. Although I was born in France and moved to California as a puppy, I think the the United States flag is the most beautiful flag on the planet. Submitted by Chiara Bolan.

8 Aldo

Pony 9: Hi, my name is Pony! I am a blue heeler. And by the way this is not a black-and-white photo! Submitted by Mario Levak.

9 Pony Boy

Prince Scrappy 10: This is Prince Scrappy and he is my 9 pounds of Love. That displays on the back of his dog tag. He was adopted at the beginning of the pandemic by photo alone. And it has been one of the best decisions I have made outside of my conscious decision to have children. He is my service dog and trained with ease and joy. And goes everywhere with me. And brilliant at his job and bonded to me immediately. Whomever was the previous owner, I send blessings every day. He was fully potty trained and had basic training. The shelter named him the perfect name “Scrappy” and I added Prince Scrappy for his discerning way he will eat. Similar to royalty and would not eat unless I finger-fed him and then food eaten in the morning and enjoyed does not mean he will ever eat it again! He communicates with me by kisses alone and rarely barks unless with other dogs at the park. And recently showed his gift for parenting kittens at two weeks old. And is so gentle and caring he kept me on task for the every two-hour feeding during the night. And he fell in love with one of the kittens which we officially adopted and two completely grey boy and girl kittens were adopted together. Now Prince Scrappy and Prince Olaf are inseparable. Submitted by Charmaine Johansen.

10 Scrappy

Bruce Bates 11: This is Baudelaire (Bodie for short). Bodie is a 3-month-old Sheepadoodle who arrived in Malibu just in time for the summer heat wave. “No problem,” said Bodie. “I’m just going to spend the rest of the summer right here under the AC vent.” Submitted by Carla Bates.

11 BruceBates rotated