Dear Editor: Olivia Newton-John kindness and joyful spirit

Photo courtesy Steve Goldman, Malibu.

Dear Editor, 

I took a photo of Olivia Newton-John and Elton John in 1976, 46 years ago when Olivia was 27.

I was hired to photograph ABBA’s concert and their backstage party. While I was loading my camera, I spotted Olivia walking in with Elton and asked if I could grab a quick pic. They said, of course, you can, and started mugging for the camera! I took as many shots as I could before they said thanks and wandered off into a sea of other photographers.

Living in Malibu for eight years, I would pass her house on PCH many times and always think about her amazing talent and the kindness she showed me that night.

The printed image of the two negative frames is my artful expression of how they posed for me, and how I ultimately remembered the best image and her joyful spirit.

Steve Goldman, Malibu 

Technical Information: This photograph was taken on tri-X film pushed to ASA 800 with a Nikon F2A camera F-16 at a 60th of a second and developed and printed in my darkroom. I was 21 years old.