Community Spotlight: Malibu Garden Club goes on blueberry-picking field trip

Malibu Garden goes Blueberry Picking.

The Malibu Garden Club, headed by President Glen Gessford, took a field trip last Thursday April 20 with about 15 members to pick blueberries at Gerry’s Farm in Camarillo. Afterward, the group ate lunch at Latitude 34 restaurant. It was a first-time experience for many. (First photo) Terry Gessford shows off her batch of berries picked out at the farm. (Second photo, from left) Lisa Stang, Susan Kelly, Denise Peak, Jim Mason’s daughter, Jim Mason, Cory Buckner, Glen Gessford, and Terry Gessford enjoy their lunch at Latitude 34 restaurant in Camarillo.

Terry Gessford
Terry Gessford. Contributed photo