Community Service Learning honors Malibu High seniors

Shown above are some of the Malibu Middle School eighth-graders who were recognized for their efforts in their first year of community service. Photo courtesy of Valerie Azarian.

Twenty-five Malibu High School students were awarded for doubling at least 80 hours of community service in their four-year term.

“We have 25 of them who managed to do between 160 and up to 479 hours!” Malibu Middle and High School Community Service Coordinator Valerie Azarian said in an email to The Malibu Times. “It isn’t a small thing considering it was done during the Woolsey fire and the pandemic years!”

Azarian said they will also be awarding 17 eighth-graders who have started participating in community service programs their first year. 

“As a warm-up, they were encouraged to do at least 10 hours; we have invited 17 students who did between 20 and up to 65 hours!” Azarian said. “We are pretty impressed with the numbers that some reached considering the challenges of the past years. Many volunteer programs shut down during the pandemic, but our students remained involved. Eighth-graders who just started are determined to do even better!”

“We hope that we can engage more students in Community Service Learning activities, and that we can work alongside people who are just as passionate about helping our community as we are,” eighth-grade CSL ambassadors Alex Murphy, Vera Kibler and Zoe Retts wrote to The Malibu Times.

Shown above are some of the Malibu High School seniors who have put in at least 160 hours of community service during their four years at the school. Photo courtesy of Valerie Azarian.