Residents May Share Input on Metro Service in Malibu, Across LA

LA Metro 534 Bus 

A new Metro study is available for residents of Malibu and the rest of LA county to voice their preferences about how to improve its bus lines in LA County. The NextGen Study Survey, as it is called, can be located at Overall, the study is expected to take 18 months, with aims for the new bus network to be launched in the fall of 2019.

“We have one bus line into and out of Malibu, and residents, students and employees in Malibu rely on it every day,” Mayor Rick Mullen said in a statement provided by the city of Malibu. “We have an opportunity here to make sure that the bus service works for our needs, so I encourage everyone to give their input and take the survey.”

The bus line has not been significantly modernized in 25 years. Some qualities Metro hopes to improve are its attractiveness and efficiency with a goal of adapting to rapid changes in transportation methods and patterns across LA County. Included in the study are questions like “How would you rank the following ways to improve Metro bus reliability?” with options such as “more room available to board bus” or “better real-time arrival information.”

The NextGen Bus Study involves four phases: gathering information about rider habits, needs and preferences; deciding possible service strategies; developing a bus service plan that corresponds with rider preferences; and implementing an updated bus network throughout LA County.

In addition to the survey, other types of public engagement are expected, such as community meetings and public outreach. Further information can be found at