After months of controversy, Mel Gibson’s pet project, “The Passion of Christ” will make its long-awaited debut. Mister Mel pumped $25 million of his own money into the flick, which depicts the final hours in the life of Jesus Christ. “Passion” hits movie theaters on Feb. 25. The film debuts on 2,000 screens nationwide, an impressive number considering that the project was done entirely in Latin and Aramaic – archaic tongues heard only occasionally at the old Topanga Ranch Market.


Mark Wahlberg got into the swing of things as he joined fellow celebs Clint Eastwood, Dennis Hopper and Roger Clemens for the Mercedes Benz Pro Am golf tourny. Wahlberg, who took a break from his upcoming film “The Entourage,” busted out his best moves at Kapalua’s Plantation golf green. He was one of a handful of lucky duffers who got to play the game right alongside greats like Tiger Woods and Pro Am champ Ernie Els.


Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and the rest of the “Friends” crew are talking turkey! It’s a mega-bucks show reunion just in time for the holidays. The cast members will be getting a whopping $2 million a piece to go through their paces in a 90-minute special. The project goes into production just as soon as the successful sitcom wraps up its final season.

NBC says it jumped at the chance to do the special because it would be tough to get the pals back together once they went their separate ways. Cox and company will sit down for a cozy Thanksgiving dinner to air on turkey day. After becoming the highest paid ensemble cast in T.V. history, I’d say they have a lot to be thankful for.


First Woody Allen, now this! We’ll ring in the Oscar season with a red carpet rarity. The Academy will be graced with the presence of a most elusive player. Former bad boy and Oscar nominee Sean Penn has decided to make an appearance for the first time ever. The 43-year old actor has been given the Oscar nod not one, not two, but three times in the past.

Penn has been nominated for stellar portrayals in “I am Sam,” “Sweet and Low Down” as well as “Dead Man Walking.” This time, Penn has been selected for his critically acclaimed performance in “Mystic River.”

Even so, there’s only so much glitz and glam a brooding celebrity can take. Penn shunned last month’s Golden Globe ceremony to spend the evening with his daughter. If nothing else, he gets the good dad award.