Socking it to homeowners


Why can’t school district officials find another way of fundraising their projects than by socking it to homeowners? It will take us years to pay off the tens of millions in debt we’ve already accrued, and now the authors of Prop. BB want to add another quarter of a billion dollars.

Homeowners cannot afford these annual increases. We passed Proposition 13 specifically to prevent this kind of abuse. When will the bureaucrats figure out that you don’t help a community by laying the entire burden on its homeowners? Contrary to the beliefs of Santa Monica elitists, Malibu is not affluent nor can many of us afford the sacrifice they keep asking of us. Several hundred dollars here, another few hundred dollars there and pretty soon some of us won’t be able to live here any longer.

What’s more, last week’s Malibu Times said that Malibu school principals have seen a “downward trend in enrollment” which is apparently due to the fact that families increasingly cannot live here. Does this make sense? Keep raising property taxes like this and we’ll have the most pristine, empty schools in America.

I urge all of Malibu to vote “no” on BB.

Doug O’Brien