Malibu’s laundry, clean and dirty


    It is the extreme classical example of buffoonery, the unwanted circulation of Mayor Tom Hasse’s clash with automobile ownership processes, that many of us decry. No “brownies” here Mayor Tom, but none of us are perfect and some of us were worried at the excellent job you have been doing.

    To continue to display the “gutter” politics of Malibu, not only locally, but worldwide is unconscionable and a terrible disservice to the vast majority of class citizens who make Malibu their home.

    Enough already, haven’t you mean-minded, misguided petty followers of a “pied piper philosophy” realized that the stories and tales spoon fed to you over the last eight-plus years are without substance?

    Malibu residents, by mandate, dominant and clearest of results have spoken loud and clear as to a chosen course. The “Constitution” has not taken a vacation in Malibu and I would challenge any of you to do with your property, what you are asking some land owners to do. The continued falsehoods about the Bay Company’s negotiated proposal are an affront to the intelligence of anyone who has followed the open and accurate disclosure by Mayor Hasse and Councilwoman House. There is absolutely no possible way anything improper or “secret” is going to occur by the process being offered to Malibu residents.

    The plan was negotiated by the Bay Company representatives and the Ad Hoc committee selected by the City Council with the proviso that it then be presented to the residents of Malibu for open and public comment and input. The single most important fact, is that in addition to a very generous proposal, the Malibu Bay Company has agreed to forego a majority of their “development rights” which are protected by the “Constitution.”

    Also Kudos to Bob Rubenstein, letters to the Editor, Malibu Times, June 1, 2000, for a voice out of the dark and just maybe “we don wanna mosquito hotl in Maliboo.”

    H. David Hume