An embarrassment to city


    I read with astonishment your article and editorial, and then with utter amazement this kid’s reply to his fellow workers!

    How did this little twerp get to be mayor anyway? He is hardly representative of his constituents, given his self admitted ‘circumstances’ which are ridiculous! His definition of “unemployed” reminds me of another political scumbag’s definition of what “is” is. So where DOES he get his money? Or is the real question, where is he soon to get it? Like the miraculous $5,900 he came up with so readily to pay his back fines.

    Anyone who cannot remember his court dates, and who demonstrates such a clear and utter lack of responsibility and respect for our State Criminal and Vehicular Codes is nothing but an embarrassment to this city. How can he be expected to govern, when he does not even know what month he is supposed to be in court? His open letter to his fellow staffers was so pathetic it made me wince. What an embarrassment this guy is! I say run the little weasel out of town–preferably on a rail!

    Bruce Kent