Outsider weighs in on milk issue


The Santa Monica-Malibu schools have kept chocolate (flavored) milk on the menu, while the Los Angeles schools have taken the chocolate-flavored milk off the menu.

There is a controversy about the calcium in the milk being beneficial to the child, and no doubt it is, but are the sugar and calories in the chocolate milk more detrimental to the child’s health? No doubt they are. Chocolate syrup or chocolate-flavored syrup contains a lot of sugar, which is damaging to one’s health.

The pros and cons will continue. The best thing that happened is when some schools eliminated the soft drinks.

That was a controversy for a long time and it was proven that the soft drinks had a lot of sugar and were a contributor to obesity.

With the chocolate milk or not, Malibu is still one of my favorite places.

Lois Eisenberg

Valencia, Calif.