Letter: To the Senior Patriots

Viewpoint School

Dear Viewpoint Class of 2021,

The future is bright!

As I write this dedication to you, we are emerging from the global pandemic of COVID-19, which has disrupted your final two years of high school in unimaginable ways. Who knew last spring that it would be more than a year before we could welcome all our students back to campus? We have survived, and amidst languishing and loss, together we have discovered new skills, strengths, insights and resilience.

During this extraordinary time, we have seen science develop lifesaving vaccines in record time and a powerful civil rights movement in our nation calling for racial justice after the killing of George Floyd. Throughout this time, your optimism, imagination and strength of character have truly inspired us. You’ve shown what is possible and by keeping traditions alive on the field, court, Zoom stage and Zoom classroom. You have led teams, written and performed plays, and created music, visual arts and dance. You have fostered ways for younger students to stay learning and connected, touching lives here and around the world, making our community stronger when it was most needed.

Thank you for leaving our school a better place. Your dedication to learning and to one another has changed lives—first your own, then your community and your world. We celebrate you with gratitude.

As you keep that light of education alive in your future, come back and visit Viewpoint and share what you are learning. The world needs your optimism, your imagination and your character.

Congratulations, and take courage on your journey.

Mark McKee