Letter: To the Fifth Grade Sea Lions

Malibu Elementary Collection

Dear 2020-21 Malibu Elementary fifth grade students,

I wish to offer you my support and congratulations. You have met the criteria to be promoted to middle school! You have an exciting future ahead of you! You have had a unique and, for many of you, a challenging year. Learning from home and on a computer is not typical or ideal! Now, for most of you, you are learning with a mask on while at school. I know that can be uncomfortable. It is my hope that these challenges will only make you stronger and more resilient for the years in middle school coming your way. If you find you need encouragement or a friendly “hello,” please come back to MES and visit us. We will be excited to see you and learn about your lives. You will always be a proud Sea Lion.

As I reflect on who you are and have become, I must acknowledge your perseverance and stamina. You never gave up, despite the adversity I described above. However, the words that I think best describe you are the same words I want you to think about as you enter the next phase of your lives. You are kind. You are fun. You are thoughtful. You are welcoming. You are well-mannered. You are responsible. You are positive. You are considerate. You brought me much pride as I observed you being so supportive of one another that past year. Please bring these values with you to your next school. Model for your peers how students behave with each other. You will create a safe, welcoming and inclusive community around you. These qualities will help all of you persevere as you meet new adversities ahead. You will thrive just as you have done this past year.

Again, congratulations and please always reach out to your old teachers and me through the decades ahead. We are your fans and you bring us great joy.

Best regards for an amazing future,

Proud Principal Christopher Hertz