The road less traveled


    Some of us remember the Roosevelt Highway of the ’30s and the jokes about a roadbed so unlike the individual it was named after. FDR was the epitome of reliability and service and the highway, however, was never without major ongoing repairs and realignment because of the dominant geological conditions. It was almost as though May Rindge had placed a “forever curse” on its existence.

    It should be remembered that the Caltrans of today did not create the “monster” and if it were proposed as a location for a highway today, it would be denied as it would not meet the standards set forth for a highway. Some thoughts to consider are: 1. The road right-of-way is too narrow. 2. Most of the material visiting the highway is from private property. 3. Numerous alternatives have been offered in the past and all have been loudly vetoed by the public.

    To the constant detractors and belittlers of Caltrans, maybe a little forethought and investigation on your part would have suggested that you buy elsewhere. Or possibly, you might accept the situation and bless the fact that you live in God’s country and consider the fact that there were thorns and thistles in the first garden.

    H. David Hume