No trespassing


    I wonder who it is? Some sneak in high places is trying to isolate Malibu, trying to cut us off from contact with the outside world so property values will decrease and then they can buy it cheap. Now PCH will be closed for a while every Wednesday and Thursday until Sept. 16. This is but the latest in a long list of indignities that we have had to bear:

    1. PCH virtually closed for months as they fixed the slide at Las Flores. If they really wanted to they could have provided another lane by restricting parking on the ocean side of PCH.

    2. At the same time the above was going on, the alternate around the slide through Topanga was periodically closed.

    3. The slide on Kanan Dume, closing that road, took over a year to fix.

    4. Sewer installation at Sunset and PCH.

    5. Repaving PCH through Malibu in the middle of summer and taking a long time to do it. Friendly signs such as, “Traffic fines doubled in construction zone” were posted to placate the citizens. Added benefits were broken windshields due to debris.

    6. Repaving PCH from Malibu north to the county line and closing two lanes to do it. Never mind that the center passing lane could be used for another lane.

    7. Periodic lane closures for no apparent reason.

    8. Malfunctioning traffic signals that are leisurely repaired.

    9. There are probably more that I have forgotten.

    I expect soon to see an announcement similar to this: Malibu, access denied. PCH will be closed periodically at random times and unspecified intervals for no specific reason. Traffic fines will be tripled and anyone attempting to avoid delays by choosing an alternate route will be severely punished.

    Lawrence I. Ivey