Point Mugu State Park to re-open Friday

The Springs Fire charred this sign marking the entrance to La Jolla Canyon Trail at Point Mugu State Park.

State Parks officials announced that trails and campgrounds will reopen in Point Mugu State Park on Friday. Much of the park has been closed for weeks, after the Springs wildfire burned more than 12,000 acres of the 14,000-acre state park.

Since the fire, parks officials have been repairing trails and campgrounds ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend. Among the re-opened sites are the Sycamore Canyon and La Jolla campgrounds, as well as the Chumash Trail and all the major backcountry routes. Trail repairs will continue for several weeks. 

Temporary rules prohibit trail users from wandering off trails so as to protect plant and animal communities from being trampled as the try to recover.

“We’re putting our trust in the public to enjoy the park responsibly and to stay on authorized marked and mapped trails and respect the closures,” said Craig Sap, district superintendent for the Angeles District of California State Parks. “We’ll be monitoring the situation closely and if we find that the visitors are creating negative impacts on these very sensitive resources, we’ll have to look at closing the backcountry trails and fire roads until it’s not quite so fragile.” 

The park will also close daily from sunset to sunrise until further notice for the same purpose. 

Officials plan to replace signage burned in the fire over the next several weeks, and post updates on the status and condition of trails at each trailhead.