Keep control local


The all-candidate meeting at Point Dume revealed to me at a deeper level why I chose to work for Ken Kearsley to be reelected. On one side were three speakers who believed that the Council in close partnership with the people should be in charge of deciding Malibu’s direction and future. The record of this last Council is proof of that. This is democracy at its best,

The other side, backed by a few wealthy oligarchs, consists of a patriarch, and a legal terrorist who, with one court suit, has managed to delay our citizen right by referendum, to vote on the State Coastal Commission’s plan to decide Malibu’s destiny. And the third, by Malibu’s standards, is a newcomer. Both of these new faces assured us they had great experience in development and negotiation in New York and other big cities. These three and those who fund them all agree the State should be in charge of our destiny, not Malibu Citizens.

So what are our choices? Citizen Control or State Control. As for me, I’ll vote every time on our democratic system based on citizen control to prevail.

Georgianna McBurney