Wild about rescue unit


Thank you one and all. The overwhelming support for WildRescue to remain a first responder to marine mammals, coupled with our extensive reputation for timely action, seemed to easily counter objections that were brought to the City Council’s attention Monday night. A huge heartfelt thank you to those who weighed in on the matter, expressing concern for how emergencies involving wild animals should be dealt with.

And to all of WildRescue’s volunteer rescuers, it has always been, and will always be, the lot of you, that makes this organization what it is-professional, competent, a leading resource for wildlife emergencies. I am so very honored to be your bellwether and mate as we move ahead into what may be an extraordinarily busy season.

And thanks to Alex, for your refreshingly modest, yet novel solution to what had become a seemingly exasperating conundrum. I believe you’ve solved our problem, chap!

Rebecca Dmytryk

Project Director