Memorial for Emily Rose Shane draws 400 mourners

The funeral for 13-year-old Emily Rose Shane, who was struck and killed while walking along Pacific Coast Highway on April 3, took place last week Wednesday at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley. A late afternoon memorial that lasted well more than two hours at Malibu West Swim Club followed it.

A standing-room-only crowd of more than 400 family and friends filled the facility, spilling out every door and completely filling the beachside patio. Friends and schoolmates of Shane sat on the floor, while others stood.

The memorial celebrated Shane, who attended Malibu High School, with musical performances from violist Scott Hosfeld, violinist Maria Newman, flutist David Lamont, harpist Allison Allport and soprano Kris Wildman. Family and friends spoke, including Shane’s childhood friend, MacKenna Strange, and there was a screening of a video of her life compiled by family friend Terence Davis (the video can be viewed online at The video shows Shane at various stages of her life, dancing on stage, having fun with teammates on sports teams, goofing off with friends, and celebrating her Bat Mitzvah with family and friends. Rabbi Levi Cunin from Chabad of Malibu also spoke at the memorial.

Shane lived on Broad Beach with her parents Michel and Ellen, and sisters Gerri and Leigh. Her father is a well-known movie producer whose titles include “Catch Me if You Can” and “I, Robot.”

Michel Shane spoke at the memorial, asking everyone to do something good in his daughter’s name.

“I challenge every single person here, I want everyone in this room to do one good thing in Emily’s name,” he said. “When you’ve done the deed, turn and say, Emily wanted me to do this … if you do that, the thing I ask of you, the tragedy of Saturday will have meant something.”

He added, “This is a special girl … I cannot thank everyone enough … it is really quite incredible to see that this little girl befriended so many people and gave so much love … my heart goes out to all of you … obviously, I am not the only one feeling this pain …”

Ellen Shane spoke to The Malibu Times on Tuesday, wanting to express thanks to the community for its support.

“My husband and I were overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and love in this community,” she said. “It was a tribute to Emily, to the kind of person she was. It’s sad, a tragedy, but the love and caring is what is getting us through it … lifting our spirits.”

The family has asked that people post good deeds they have done in Emily’s name on the Web site,, which will be active this week.

Davis and Susan Ulansey, along with Dianette Wells and Sabrina Downing, organized and contributed to the memorial.

Jimy Tallal contributed to this story.

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