La Monte declared winner of second council seat


Lou La Monte and Laura Rosenthal are declared the official winners of the two city council seats. The City of Malibu released the final count, including the remaining 126 provisional and 133 absentee ballots, today at 5:30 p.m.

La Monte beat his rival John Mazza by 70 votes. He received a total of 1,324 votes, and Rosenthal got 1,734 votes.

Candidate Mazza, who was only 54 votes behind La Monte at the close of ballot counting last night, finished the race with 1,254 votes. His running mate, Steve Scheinkman, garnered 1,152 votes.

The other six candidates trailed behind by more than half: Mike Sidley received 552 votes; Ed Gillespie, 249; Kofi, 180, Harold Greene, 179; Matthew Katz, 98; and Jan Swift, 64.