Letter: Gun Laws Exist


In response to “If not now, when will we pass sensible gun laws?” published on Oct. 12.

So riddled with misinformation and logical gaps is Pam Linn’s latest effort that she presents a truly target-rich environment. In the interest of conserving bandwidth, I would just ask her to define precisely what she wants us to believe when she says “sensible gun laws.” Could she really be so ignorant as to be unaware of the hoops through which a purchaser must already jump? Just how much more “gun control” is enough for her? Linn seems not to understand that in every state and territory in the Union, murder is a felony. Is it, therefore, surprising that a man who would murder might also violate some gun laws? What Linn really wants, I suspect, is the eradication of guns from our society; she just lacks the courage or the honesty to say so. I’d settle for this: Exactly what “sensible gun laws” would make the lady happy?

Steve Jones