Cure for what ails you


My encounter with Lyme disease was a nightmare. Like a bolt of lightning, I was indiscriminately bit by a deer tick while playing with my horses on my farm in Virginia. With a large bull’s-eye bite on my knee, suddenly everything around me changed.

In 2000, I was bitten days after my completion of a charity marathon in Chicago. Completing the marathon run had depleted my body causing my immune system to be low and vulnerable. The Lyme disease from the deer tick accelerated at a pace that still brings tears to my eyes. In a matter of two weeks my condition became so severe that I wrote out a will.

When I felt the lowest I turned toward my will to live and I began exploring the Internet. Many diseases look alike. Many symptoms are the same. I would fax my doctor, David Miller, whenever I thought I had found the name of the illness that I had. He would call me up and say: No, that is not what is wrong with you. A possible diagnosis was Lyme disease. My doctor had me undergo intensive blood testing, which proved it probable. He then started me on heavy doses of antibiotics.

When doctors tell you that they are not sure what is wrong with you, be patient with them, they are human and it takes time to identify disease. But do not just sit back and wait, help them to help you, be ambitious by doing your own research to help fine tune your explanation of your symptoms so your doctor can help cure you.

Now it is the beginning of June 2004 and I have only days left before I run the marathon in Alaska. The marathon on Saturday, June 19, is for charity. This is my way of showing that I’m recovered. And I’m telling my story so more people can be well. With your health, choose to be pro-active and ambitious. I’m cured, and hopefully so can many others, of any disease!

Jeanne Abigail Custis