Double fine makes sense


AB1009 will come before the Senate Public Safety Committee on June 15. This is the bill Fran Pavley sponsored that would make Pacific Coast Highway a double fine zone from Topanga to Decker Canyon. It will double the speeding fine only, not the whole ticket. That’s not a lot of money but we’re hoping it will get people’s attention. This is only one tool, which would be used in conjunction with enforcement, engineering and education. The bill made it through the Assembly and last passed the Senate Transportation Committee. Last year, the Public Safety Committee was highly critical of the double fine zone. Now is the time to convince the Senators of the benefits of this legislation for the general public and for our community. Please mail or fax your letters in support of AB1009 to: The Honorable Bruce McPherson, chair, Senate Public Safety Committee, California State Senate District 03, State Capitol, Room 4081, Sacramento, CA. 95814. Fax: 916.445.8081. Summer is here and so is the traffic nightmare on PCH and it only gets worse. The highway is being driven as if it was a freeway and that is unacceptable. Slowing folks down would be a start to a safer “Main Street” for our city.

Carol Randall