Fourth of July fireworks displays

While many cities around the country are canceling Independence Day fireworks shows due to economic concerns, Malibu residents and those willing to brave traffic will be able to see them for free this Saturday.

Every year private groups rent at least two barges for fireworks displays on July 4th. This year, to date, permits have been issued for the following privately sponsored fireworks displays: Saturday at 9 p.m. from a barge offshore of Malibu Colony, and 9 p.m. from a barge offshore in the area of the 27900 block of Pacific Coast Highway.

The City of Malibu does not sponsor any fireworks displays and reminds citizens that possession of fireworks in the City of Malibu is illegal. Fireworks, even so-called “safe and sane” types, may not be used anywhere in Malibu, including at the beach.

Also, the City of Malibu does not allow any barbecues, open fires or smoking at any of its parks or facilities. Park facilities will be open from 8 a.m. until dark on July 4th.

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