Bridget Graham gets down to business

Malibu Times Magazine employee climbs the corporate ladder.

By Kim Devore / Staff Writer

When it comes to landing a great job, Malibu Times Magazine Assistant Editor and regular contributor Bridget Graham wrote the book. Her recently published “Working World 101: The New Grad’s Guide to Getting a Job” covers everything from resumes to interviewing to your first day on the job. Graham followed her own valuable advice and when she did, she found her dream job almost overnight.

She leaves Malibu Times Magazine this week to work as a human resources executive for the restaurant group FOX Sports Grill in Westlake Village, California.

A Chicago native, Graham came to Malibu to work on her degree in communication at Pepperdine University.

“I always had this internal nagging to get my master’s and I was tired of being cold,” she said. “I took one step on Pepperdine’s campus and I was done.”


Six months later, Graham had traded the Windy City for sunny Southern California.

Although she had an impressive background as a human resources manager, Graham wanted to hone her creative skills. “I always wanted to be a writer, especially for a magazine,” she said.

When she heard of an opening at the new Malibu Times Magazine, Graham jumped at the chance. “I applied for the magazine’s internship and I got it.”

Throughout the course of five years, Graham worked her way up from intern to writer and assistant editor. She also found herself helping her fellow Pepperdine students with their own writing especially when it came to composing cover letters and resumes. In a tough economic and employment climate, students turned to her for job-hunting dos and don’ts.

“I’d tell them to just stay to the course of finding a job,” she explained, “don’t get discouraged, keep sending resumes and networking. Do your homework about the company and polish those interviewing skills. Doors will open.”

Graham enjoyed sharing her insight and it wasn’t long before her idea for the book was born.

After finishing classes for her master’s degree, Graham was ready to get back to the business world. Using her book as her guide, Graham soon found herself with numerous interviews, multiple job offers and finally a full time position with excellent pay and benefits.

Although she looks forward to the challenges ahead and beginning a new chapter in her life, Graham said she will miss the creative process (something she says she will keep a hand in through freelance writing and other projects) and her friends at Malibu Times Magazine and its sister paper. “I have so many memories,” she said. “Everyone is wonderful and we have had a lot of laughs, good times and fun.”

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