Letter: Cacophony of Complaints

Letter to the Editor

In response to “See through the blather” published Sept. 17

The eminent Dr. McCarthy has disgorged his political and social thoughts and opinions in this paper every week for a few months now. He has got to be one of the most unhappy and tortured people in Malibu with an acute case of TDS that makes it seem like he has five-burner heartburn on a four-burner stove.

His condition aside, his opinions are a remarkable mix of contradictions, prognostications, clairvoyance, surmise and prejudice… in some cases in the extreme, as I read them. This past week he criticizes the president for lambasting the Pentagon for wasteful spending and seemingly criticizing troop withdrawals from Europe, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Of course, he then criticizes the president for also putting money in a package for arms for allies in the Middle East. If Trump came up with a cure for lung cancer, McCarthy would say he should have come up with one for liver cancer instead. McCarthy ignores the cost of the Obama administration withdrawing support from the Middle East and marginalizing Israel, the only cork in the boiling keg of instability in the region. I lived in the region for the entire Obama presidency and know first hand what damage Obama did to the U.S. internationally.

Another week, he conjectured on all the things Hillary Clinton would have done as president had she been elected even though the only track record Hillary Clinton has is a record of expediency for her own benefit. Then there was an outrageous essay on why our courts are not to his liking: Too many Jews and Catholics on the bench. I thought I was in a time warp back to 1930 Germany for a moment or two. And then there was his diatribe on the Catholic Church, how being raised a Catholic harmed him and how much he resents Catholicism in general. He did everything but pull out offensive passages from the Baltimore Catechism.

I am sure this coming week, we will be treated to another essay of intellectually stimulating vitriol, replete with supporting facts and figures, obscure and otherwise, virtue signaling on what we should all do if we are clear thinking like him and dismay on the abject state of affairs in the world according to McCarthy. And everything is Trumps’ fault. Of course. He is definitely good to fill up an opinion page. I simply find his disgruntled musings and pointed hateful rants misplaced and pathetic. And blather on a different scale.

James Ferrier