Thanks from an Angel


    It is with such pleasure and gratitude that I write to you once again this year to tell you of the wonderful ways the Malibu Community came together to make the holiday very special for the homeless children and families we serve throughout the year.

    The children and teens of Malibu were so incredible once again this year. Juan Cabrillo, Point Dume Elementary, Webster, The Children’s Creative Workshop and Wonder Years Daycare and Malibu High students participated in a huge toy drive, and many students came to help us wrap hundreds upon hundreds of gifts! Falcon Cable and Jon Douglas Realty held a wonderful toy drive as well. Many came with their own families on the days of our holiday parties, and we all had such a wonderful time with the children, teens and parents who were our guests on those days.

    Over 6,500 gifts of brand new toys, shoes and new clothing were collected and distributed by Santa, first to over 600 homeless and at-risk youth and their families at our parties, then to hundreds of children on Christmas Day.

    Malibu’s John and Ellen Poyer of Topson-Downs, Bob and Nancy Salka, Action Agape, Marla and Jeffrey Michaels of Kayo, Disney, Warner Bros., Cha-Cha and Mark Weinstein of California Supply and Ritchie Koral of Jessica’s donated all the new clothing and supplies. Toys, shoes and clothing also came from Aardman Films, Agape, Disney, DreamWorks SKG, Blackbird Films, Funrise, Hasbro, Galoob Toys, Our Lady of Malibu Church, Malibu and Pacific Palisades Presbyterian churches, Reebok International, Warner Bros. and local Malibu families. California Supply, Lisa and Bill Curtis, Denise Dukoff, Robyn Gibson, Kayo of California, Mark Kramer, Stephanie Mass, Jennifer Palmer, Janna Pekkanen, Ellen Poyer, David Silverstein, Cindy Simmons, Marcy Smith, Kelly Sullivan, Topson-Downs and Melanie Trivette all spearheaded local toy drives in their schools, churches, businesses and among their friends. Aware Products, Cathy and John Cygan, Allison Dean, Norm and Shirlee Klein, Janine McEuen and Stephanie and Jack McGee greatly participated as well. Bank of America’s Manager Lois Globnik was our official photographer and personally donated albums of beautiful pictures of the parties and of Christmas Day.

    Our holiday parties were a huge success and were sponsored by California Supply, Kayo of California, The Kiwanis Club of Malibu, Ellen and John Poyer, Bob and Nancy Salka and Topson-Downs. We were very thrilled to have the Kiwanis as new sponsors, and to meet so many members at our Dec. 12 Kiwanis sponsored party at Juan Cabrillo Elementary. Our special thanks to Marissa Coughlan, and all our new Kiwanis friends. Our very special thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and friends who continue to sponsor holiday parties each year.

    We completed our holiday program at the Venice Pavilion on Christmas Day, where we brought a U-Haul truck filled with thousands of items of new clothing, shoes, toiletries and toys to all the homeless children and families who gather there each Christmas Day. We were joined by friends Joe, Aviva and Dahlia Cuchirella, 14 members of the D’Angelo family, Gerry Engel, Sandra Black and Rosalie Fagelson from Supercare Drugs, Jorge Javasas, Mabel Katz, Janine McEuen, Diane Perez, Marcy and Jamie Smith, Walter and Ellen Young, Don Zinman and Hollace Henning and many more wonderful friends. It was so miraculous to have so many wonderful friends and family volunteering once again on Christmas Day, all so happy to be there.

    Three wonderful families were also moved from a shelter into a home environment, and many others also received financial aid, thanks to the generosity of the Gibson family, The Lawrence Daley Children’s Foundation and other Angels this Christmas.

    This was truly a special and magical holiday season for us all, and it was only possible because of your great generosity and your love. Thank you so much. I hope the New Year will bring you the joy and happiness you all deserve.

    Our sincerest gratitude, thanks and love.

    Maria D’Angelo and The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation.