Merit badge for Bryan


    At night we all see him hiding in his black and white SUV somewhere on PCH. He is the jolly, happy hunter who patrols the PCH for speeders and other traffic violators. He is always pleasant, and he is always professional. When he exits his vehicle, and he approaches your vehicle, you see a pleasant, friendly man in green. He makes all of us proud of the fact that he wears the badge and protects us in Malibu.

    Deputy Christopher Bryan rarely loses a case in court. I have seen him testify in the Malibu courthouse and he is credible, professional and, above all else, always courteous to the court and to the alleged traffic violator.

    Deputy Bryan played football at UCLA in his youth, and he still looks like a football player at 6’8″ with a solid build.

    When Deputy Bryan is not wearing the badge on duty, there is another side to him. During the daytime, while his wife is working, he raises their young child. He doesn’t need his badge or gun when he feeds his youngster, changes the diaper of his youngster, burps the youngster, all to be deputy dad at home during the day.

    So for all of you who have had the pleasure of interfacing with Deputy Bryan in our wonderful Malibu community, take an opportunity to look behind the badge. There is a lot more to this man than meets the eye. The Malibu City Council should give serious thought to recognizing his dual achievements as both deputy dad and Deputy Bryan. We all admire him and we wish him well in both of his full-time jobs.

    I feel that all the citizens of Malibu have a St. Christopher medal around their necks when Deputy Christopher is on duty.

    Pat Maginnis